WORK Lifters: the reference for professional lifting towers

More than 20 lifting towers specially designed for your safety

  • Steel pulleys

Whereas many manufacturers use nylon pulleys, WORK® lifting towers feature steel pulleys, ensuring resistance and durability. New safety bolts are bigger and stronger than the latter versions.

  • Steel cables

Steel cables are made regarding DIN norms and have the certificate of the manufacturer to ensure that their manufacture respects the strictest norms. WORK® lifting towers always use overdimmentionated cables for maximum safety.

  • Reinforced bases

Our towers use a reinforced base that supports heavy loads and their lifting. It also protects the system during transport. Wheels have been designed to off er a soft movement of towers, thanks to its bearing system.

  • Stabilizers

Stability is one of the most crucial issue for lifting towers. For these reason, WORK® lifters provide rubber made bases to be fixed on any surfaces.

  • Bubble level for vertical lifting

Bubble level vial ensures vertical lifting and prevents loads from inadvertent movements. All our towers use it, even the smallest models.

  • High quality winches

All the winches used on our lifting towers have been made by best-known brands and following strict norms. WORK® towers use strong winches for a safe lifting of heavy loads.

Your safety is our main priority while designing our lifting towers

Taking into account that lifting towers are used in places with human beings, we have designed our lifters following the highest quality standards, like BGV C1 or DIN 56950 norms. The use of WORK lifters is the best possible choice to protect material and people.

We present an exclusive range of lifters, as a smart mixture of experience and innovation.

We have developed a specific manufacturing process to achieve excellence in designing lifting towers. We take advantage of 15 years of experience, a constant Research & Developement proccess and user feedback to design inimitable lifters.

More than 20 models of lifting towers are available to fit all your needs

We are perfectly aware of user needs. That is why we offer a wide range of lifting towers. Even if models differ from one another, they all have been manufactured following the same high level of exigence, to guarantee the best results, years after years.